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Planning your financial future isn't easy. It requires patience, expertise and a deep understanding of both your goals and the broader economy.

Through a comprehensive, goals-based approach to planning, we remain family and values-focused, which makes your financial goals a top priority. Whether you're an individual preparing for retirement or a professional with particular challenges, we have the resources and tools to asses and model your options through state of the art "what if" analysis.

Who We Serve & What You’re Interested in:

Your team of wealth advisors are in-person and available with a dedicated support staff to help serve, inform and assist your family.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Business Owners

Business Owners

Multi-Generational Families

Multi-Generational Families



How We Can Help

Financial Planning

Because your journey is unique to who you are, our team of certified planners define your needs and develop a plan that serves as a roadmap to achieve your long-term objectives. 

We develop strategies that align with your lifestyle and goals. This is often the foundation on which cash flows and various priorities are addressed. These are commonly education need assessment, tax mitigation strategies and retirement need analysis.

Educational Planning

Preparing for your child's or grandchild's continued education should be an exciting experience! Using your families values, our team will identify funding requirements and outline your path to make education as affordable as possible. These milestones are frequently proud and memorable moments!

Tax Planning

By keeping more of what you earn, you’re able to achieve financial freedom that much more quickly. We’re able to work with you and your tax professional to identify and take advantage of potentially valuable savings opportunities.

Retirement Planning

There's no better time to envision your ideal future and begin planning for retirement. With your dreams, goals and lifestyle needs in mind, we will create a customized financial roadmap to help you achieve the chapter you dream of with a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS®). 

Alternatively, if you're currently in retirement, we'll evaluate your current situation and the avenues available to you for maximum tax efficiency and impact to those you value the most. 

Estate Planning

Having worked with successful families and professionals, we have the experience to help build the framework to work with your Estate Planning Attorney. This often-overlooked detail of wealth planning is one that requires experienced guidance in order for your assets to be left as you wish. 

Trust Services

From investment and asset management to safeguarding services related to holding your assets and/or property for your beneficiaries, we offer trust services to enhance your financial confidence. You've worked hard to achieve your wealth, let us help you maintain it.

In addition to Baird Trust we have relationships with independent trust companies. 

Charitable Planning

Individuals interested in making an impact on an organization or community, we can help assess the most efficient way for you to help support the causes you value. Simply "writing a check" is not necessarily the best way to help an organization. Let us model your options with tax analysis.

Business Succession & Sale

You've spent years cultivating and helping your business thrive. We can introduce you to specialists who will help you identify and address the details involved when preparing to sell your business and maximize your value.

Thank you!

We Believe In Transparency

At The FWP Group, we are committed to transparency with respect to fees so you know what our services cost. Your needs and goals will determine the costs associated with services received and we will discuss your options to determine what's right for you.

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